“ I often imagine my future man because I really miss him in my life. I want him to be always honest with me because I respect this quality... and I will answer him with honesty in the same way. I want to see him kind, loving, caring, intelligent, understanding me and my desires. I want to trust him, be open with him and look into his eyes to feel t ...”

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UaDreams Inside

Do you know who translates thousands of letters day by day, answers to your questions, supports the video chat technically and organizes your trips and dates with ladies? This is our friendly family — UaDreams staff! Full of energy, inspiration and creative ideas our team works as an invisible helper.

Webcams in each of 13 branch offices show you how we work and that we really exist. See each office with your own eyes — it is more than a thousand words about who we are! We are always ready to help you!

But not only work makes up the life of our team: we adore to have fun and can do this quite well. That's why we don't forget about holidays and share this joy with you. View our cheerful Christmas, St. Valentine's Day etc. video congratulations...

And what is more, there are kindhearted people working here, who try to make this world a little bit kinder and better. We don't forget about those people who need our help and are enthusiastically engaged in charity work helping orphans.

Christmas wishes from UaDreams staff 2018

When else, if not on Christmas, should the most cherished desires come true? What could be more romantic than finally finding your love in this magical time! Cold and snowy Christmas is an excellent reason to meet your sweetheart and give each other so much desired warmth and love. Realize that your happiness is in your hands and make these days full of bright and promising first dates.

Christmas greetings from UaDreams Staff 2017

Christmas greetings from UaDreams Staff 2016

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Christmas greetings from UaDreams Staff 2015