All about Russian wives

Have you ever wondered, if Russian girls are really more beautiful, stylish and feminine than all other women? If yes, it is quite possible that you are looking for your sweetheart abroad and want to find a Russian wife. So, it is high time to learn more about Russian girlfriends and wifes, dispell a lot of myths about them and meet some lovely ladies from Russia to see everything for yourself!

Why are Russian wives beautiful?

A lot of foreigners who visited Russia say that they have never seen so many beautiful women. Their lovely smiles, sparkling eyes, beautiful hair – you can find our hot blondes here, tempting shapes and long legs fascinate men. Hovewer, girls from Russia have one more positive feature: they know how to maintain their beauty when they get older.

Russian wives are active and go in for sports with great relish. They ride bicycles, do aerobics, yoga, tennis and many other kinds of sports. Isn't it a marvellous feeling to see a fit and healthy wife every day, to embrace her and be proud of her?

You may have heard some myths that Russian women use too much make-up. However, today they see a lot of stylish European models on TV, that's why you can see a lot of women in Russia now whose make-up is quite minimalistic and very beautiful. They use lipsticks of tender colours, know the difference between day and evening looks and often ask their beloved men, if they like their appearance. These girls really think that the main thing is to improve oneself and keep up to the times. By the way you can see how we take photos of our ladies.

Why are Russian women not interested in career?

It is one of the main questions that worries foreign men. Don't Russian wifes want to work? Are they too shy and reserved? Will you have to feed her for the rest of your life? No!

The answer is quite simple: Russian women want to work and can do it very well, but they prefer family to their work, if the circumstances warrant.

Mothers and grandmothers learn them from their childhood that the overarching aim of each woman is to have a family and give birth to a child. The girls hold to these traditions. That's why it is not a rare situation when an excellent teacher or manager resignes from her position to spend more time with her husband or to raise a child. There are values that you cannot just buy, Russian bride knows it well.

Of course, we should considerate each particular situation. Sometimes the husband doesn't want his wife to leave work, so she continues working.

It is interesting to note that Russian wives who work manage to do everything else as well. Their houses are clean, their husbands are content and happy. Are these women unique? No, Russian wifes are just hard-working and very faithful.


Will it be easy for a Russian wife to adapt in a foreign country?

Almost all women in Russia have a higher education and are interested in foreign languages. They understand that it is much easier to learn English than to ask her husband to learn Russian. Indeed, Russian is a very complicated language with a plenty of cases and words with different shades of meaning. That's why any Russian woman will gladly learn your language and it will not be a problem for her to speak English with you.

Besides such approach helps a Russian wife to adapt in a foreign country quite quickly. If she learns your language, she will do everything by herself: go shopping, solve any issues, communicate with your friends and relatives and so on. In several years her language skills will be so good that your country will be the water she has always swum in.

As for other foreign languages, as German, Italian, French, Spanish etc., Russian women will learn them with great pleasure as well. There is no difference, from which country you come and what language you speak. In any case your wife will learn your native language and make your life easier.

Are Russian wives interested in your financial situation?

Russian women have a very healthy approach to this question. Yes, they are interested in your financial situation, but their understanding of a good financial situation is different. Living standards of the most American families are much higher than living standards of Russian families. So she will never demand from you an overwhelming wealth, because she understands that each wealth has to be earned, and this is not always easy to earn so much. She respects her husband's efforts and appreciates them.

If such a situation occures that a Russian women's husband loses his job or has some financial difficulties, she will always support him. She will patiently wait till the financial situation will improve or will even help her husband looking for additional earnings.

How to avoid scams while communicating with Russian women?

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