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With all our allegiance to our valued members we want to underline that two people, a man and a woman with one serious intention would do their best to meet as soon as possible.

They would never send each other endless letters and give bright promises taking all into “later” and “soon” sets. Their goal is not to continue their common life in virtual world they built but keep their stable and sincere relationship in real life by transferring them with the tiniest wane.

Uadreams Anti Scam Policy

Those who have scam or fraud or even abuse purposes - ruin the reputaion of each qualified respected matchmaking agecy. And UaDreams.com has high requirements to the defense of their dating system. Taking into account our more than 10-years experience as the international matchmaking agency and as one of the most popular agency in Ukraine we want to convince you in our crafted goals.

This is about our reputaion and the reputation of our members as well, that is why there is no place for scammers and fraudsters here. Our effective approaches give the most successful results.

Please read carefully out tips for your protection.

Be in safe with our advices:

  • Create smart and strong password while registering on the website
  • Your email address should be separate and for dating purposes only
  • Never help with the money even on very essential reason
  • Never share your personal information until your first meeting in the agency

We have been in business for more than 10 years

UaDreams Team has tried and tested procedure of employment, that is why our staff is professional, responsive and friendly. Be sure the each case has the way of individual and immediate investigation, all profiles of male and female members are to be monitored on regular basis with updates checking. Each our collaborator keeps the level of providing high secure services and scam defense.

We trusted UAdreams

Online dating is to be considered the most outstanding way of meeting a partner getting together people of different nations and with different interests. Millions of single men and women can be together just with one click! However this faces with fraudster and scammers and this is our goal to protect you from being a victim. So our special anti-scam department provides all our members with personal and regular profiles checking, if necessary - personal interviewing as well. And our own tested special program has appeared on the base of our enthusiastic and scrupulous work.

UaDreams.com is proud of its crafted offspring, the system that will give secure feeling to each our member and prevent him from scam or abuse. Firstly in case we get any note from our member about some suspect component or activity, our specialists gets in toush with that member and discuss the reason of such behaviour. If that is not possible due to invincibility of a particular member, we bloch this profile with the issue to be fixed immediately. Therefore no one would be able to contact this member till the we investigate the matter.

We never use automatic approaches, we use our experience, intelligence and acumence and analytical skills to disclose scammers, to denote their strategies, to find new trends in their criminal actions. Many escapades have been encovered by our professional staff. Thus, our security system performs special samples of taking measures urgently and with successful results.

We contend that our implementation is a new thing in anti-scam activity of online dating business and we offer to use it by any of the dating website all over the world. About 10 years of putting lots of efforts in development improved our policy and we are always ready to keep our primary position in Ukrainian market. We are happy to offer our the most safe and effective dating base to the members from all over the world!

We also recommend to read some interesting stuff on this topic on https://www.uadreams.com/scams/ua-dreams-is-not-scam.html

Uadreams Scam Info:

What is scams?

How can we help you?

We welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions. You may also report any technical difficulty navigating the site, or any malfunction you encounter.

Before you call us or initiate a ticket, please check if the answer to your question may be found under the Frequently Asked Questions section or FAQ.

Your membership is valuable, and we will be happy to help you regarding your benefits, including the services we offer.

At UaDreams, we strive for excellence.

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Tips for safe online dating:

  • Sending any sum of money is strictly prohibited on our website. Analyze your partner’s behaviour in case your financial situation changes or notice the smallest signs about financial actual problems your friend may experience, use your intuition and check the facts properly. We recommend you to react immediately if:

    Suddenly all money for living has been stolen
    There is no possibility to come to your place to meet you personally
    I need serious operation. Supposedly this is a cancer
    Visa expenses are not for me
    Let’s get in touch via my email address

  • If your partner gives you sweet and tender nicks from the very beginning, be careful with keeping correspondense with this person. Check him or her properly.
  • If you keep receiving very intimate letters from your partner telling about hard life-story but ignoring your specific questions - evident scam behaviour.
  • If your partner offers you to exchange personal information of both but gives you home phone number instead. The called gives no reply. Or extreme contact by texting only. That can be rather suspicious, how do you think?

How to feel unendangered?

The main point - using the services of the most reliable agency with really good reputation and with strong anti-scam system:

  • you should use all services that need third-party assistance, scammers love one on one activities
  • If you are performed to be that only person they need, take it easy with hard-boiled appraisal of the situation. Put questions and try to get in touch via lots of different ways, even proposing to meet personally. Scammers are afraid of that.
  • Your online dating correspondense should be related to separate email address, this will give you chances to keep your safety. Share your private information when confident.
  • Be careful when someone tries to get you out of the website and contact via Skype or social network or any popular messenger. While you are here with UaDreams.com we are able to save you from scammers. Otherwise, if you are out, we will not be able to do anything.