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age 30
30 years old from Ivano-Frankovsk

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She is



I’m looking for

13 September


168cm 5' 6''

57 kg 125 lbs



slim (slender)





Marriage, Romance, Friendship, Relationship, Dating



University degree


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Marital status

Single and No children

Want to have children?


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Speaks since childhood



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Can hold a basic conversation



Can hold a basic conversation

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The type of man that I desire

For me love is when people are really happy with each other, when they feel comfortable just being together, and when really appreciate each other. That's why I am looking for a kind, clever, honest and decent man who will love and respect me. And I will make such man the happiest one in the world. I really want to become a perfect wife who will take care about her husband and house. I have four main criteria for successful relations : love, respect, support and trust. I believe that such things will provide happy and long lasting relations.

What I do in my leisure time?

I have many different interests such as swimming and cooking and I like to try something new in my life. Actually I think that we should make our life bright and happy and everything is in our hands. I like reading, I prefer classical literature. But also I like modern authors, I think that reading develops people's mind and imagination. Also I like traveling very much, I even lived for some time in the USA, and I like this county very much. People there are great. And of course I like to spend my time with friends and family.

About my family

I grew up in a small town Bolekhiv in a family of loving father and mother. I am the only child in my family and I am very close with my parents. My father is a sailor and my mother is a housewife. My mom is an example of loyal woman who supports her husband, she was always waiting for my dad when he was in the sea for a long time. My parents have been married for more than 30 years already and they still love each other. They are a perfect example of a happy family. I want my future family to be a alike where the most important things will be love and trust.

My future goals are

I have many goals in my life. But now my main goal is love. I want to find a nice man with whom I will create family and will become a happy wife and mother. I am a family oriented girl and I want to meet a man who will support me and who will have similar goals. Also in future I want to travel and visit many countries. And of course I want to develop myself in Educational sphere, I like my work and I like teaching children, they always bring me happiness and nice mood. I want to become a good teacher and maybe open private school of foreign languages in future.

My typical day

My typical day starts at 9 o'clock. I make some breakfast for myself. I prefer healthy food so I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Then I go to work and work till 8 pm. Of course I have lunch at work but sometimes I have many lessons and I don't have time for lunch. When I come home I usually read or watch some nice movie after dinner. And when it is nice weather I take walk with my best friend, she lives near me and we often go to park. Walking is very useful, and after long walk I sIeep very nice. My day looks very typical, but I am calm and romantic girl who doesn't like nightclubs and prefer walks and conversations, so I hope to find a man who will share my interests.

How would I describe myself

I am ordinary girl who wants to find love. Sometimes I may look very shy, but I always try to be sincere and I hate hypocrisy and lie. I am active and open minded. I like animals and children because I think that they cannot lie. I don't like lazy people who don't want to improve themselves . And I don't like dictators, because partners should be like one team, support and appreciate each other. I am afraid of loneliness because it is very important to know and feel that somebody loves you and really cares about you.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

At first sight the lady is very calm and a little bit shy. But after some communication we noticed that she is very nice and positive. She has charming smile and very kind eyes. She is very romantic person who believes in true endless love and she really wants to find the man who will make her happy. She is very family oriented and very affectionate. The lady has great sense of humor and she is very kind and easy going. We were really charmed by this lady and we want to help her find that decent man with whom she will create happy family.