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age 23
23 years old from Lutsk

Birth Date








She is



I’m looking for

1 April


168cm 5' 6''

48 kg 106 lbs



slim (slender)





Marriage, Romance, Relationship



University degree


Field of activity



Brow Master

Marital status

Single and No children

Want to have children?


My Languages



Means is a native speaker, needs no help in speaking



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Can hold a basic conversation

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What I do in my leisure time?

Looking at my schedule today, I can tell you that I don't have any free time to waste, I respect my time and the time of my loved ones. I can't argue that a lot of my time is spent on household chores. There is always something to clean and something to cook. But I have always liked it and will continue to like it. If we talk about hobbies, I like reading, I like shopping and taking care of myself. Sometimes I just close up at home, listen to beautiful music, try on and wear nice clothes and just eat something nice while watching a movie. This is how I let my body and mind relax. I like to go for walks, drink coffee and dream a lot.

The type of man that I desire

I respect reliable men who you can rely on and just share all the emotions and problems with. I appreciate in a man his masculine energy and responsibility. I understand that in order to create a family I need someone who knows what love is and just has his own values. I think that my man should respect and appreciate me, no matter what. I, in turn, will try to be the best girlfriend or wife. I know what it is to take responsibility for my life. I understand the dreams and plans I have. I dream that everything in my family will be very good and loving.

My future goals are

I dream of opening my own online store with Korean cosmetics. I read and watch a lot on this subject, so that I can really become a pro. Also I'm developing as a beauty master on eyebrows and also work with my best friend in the nearest shopping center as a consultant in the beauty industry. Really, I only want the best, if it's career related. Of course, the first place for me will always be my family. My loved ones will always be the most important people to me. That's why I'm looking for someone with the same priorities.

How would I describe myself

I am a very goal-oriented and reliable girl. This applies not only to work, but also to relationships. I will never be capable of cheating or lying, I appreciate the truth. And preferably on both sides. I love and appreciate life very much, as I now live without parents and I became much stronger and more experienced. I'm quite mature and very independent. I understand that life is not all sugar, but I still believe in miracles and in true love. That is why I try to be happy and do not wish harm to anyone.

About my family

Unfortunately, my parents passed away, but I have a lot of memories which are constantly with me, they gave me everything I need in this life. I will always remember them laughing and joyful, they showed me what is happiness in life and how to live in general thanks to their work. I have a sister left behind. She is already married and has a notable daughter, whom I also love very much. Even though we rarely see each other, we are constantly on the phone. We communicate all the time, share everything we can and just share all the problems. She is an example of a strong smart woman who is worthy of happiness.